Brand Ambassador/ Influencer Program

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Welcome to Lucky Skivvies Brand Affiliate/Influencer Program!

We are super excited to have you on board as we embark on this journey together. This program is designed so that we can mutually gain exposure while making money. We are a small and growing company and you are the influencer that we choose to grow with us. Because you are creative, innovative and active on most social media platforms this will come in handy.

About our Program:

As a Lucky Skivvies brand affiliate/influencer the sky is the limit to create and turn your charm and hustle into cash. Social media is an important outlet we will use to market and make extra coin by simply being you and rep Lucky Skivvies in a fun and ethical way. When you sign up you become a part of our family of influencers.

Get your own custom link and promo code and earn 15% and more on each sale. Your earnings will grow if you use your promo code and link correctly. The aim is to get customers to use it, so it's good to tell them. Don't forget to have fun, follow and tag @LuckySkivvies.

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✔︎ Tier 1 Influencers will receive 2 pairs of boxer briefs for free, and get 30% off any amount of products (redeemable with a code).
✔︎ Tier 2 Influencers (Over $1,000 in sales) will receive 2 pairs of boxer briefs for free, 2 per drop after  and get 40% off any amount of products (redeemable with a code).
✔︎ Tier 3 Influencers (Over $3,000 in sales) will receive 3 pairs of boxer briefs for free, 3 per drop after and get 50% off any amount of products (redeemable with a code)
✔︎ Tier 4 Mega influencers (Over $5,000 in sales) will earn 20% on each sale. You will also receive all boxer briefs, and certain loungewear per drop, and will get 50% off any item (redeemable with code).
✔︎ Influencers can move from different tiers when their sales increase.
✔︎ Payout will be every Friday or Saturday through your preferred method of payment when you sign up.
✔︎ Tag Lucky Skivvies in each post for a repost and or use hashtag #LuckySkivvies #LuckySkivviesfam
✔︎ Post post post, consistency is the key and a post once or twice per week or more will give your sales a boost, earning you more money.

✔︎ Influencers must post quality picture(s) or video(s) within 5 days of receiving welcome package to show us you are serious about being apart of this program

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*** When you post your original content please find a way to put your code either in the description, link in your bio or directly on the post. This will ensure your audience will use it and give you the credit (cash) you deserve when they purchase using your link or code. Authenticity is good as well to help you earn.

As mentioned before, we are a growing brand and that will have some perks in the future. Such as you can become models or ambassadors for the brand (if interested). You can also get VIP invited to exclusive events like fashion shows or popup events etc. Receive complimentary products and exclusive team member discounts to grow your Lucky Skivvies catalogue. The more you wear it the more they see it.

*** This Program can be terminated at anytime if Influencers violate any of the morality standard of Lucky Skivvies and it will be at the discretion of Lucky Skivvies. This program can also be terminated by the influencer at anytime if you do not want to participate for any reason. Some terms and conditions can change in this program at anytime and you will be notified of any changes.

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