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The Journey of Lucky Skivvies creator.

The Journey of Lucky Skivvies creator.


I grew up and went to college in Jamaica where I studied Hospitality management in College. Moved to Richmond,VA after college then to New York after living in Richmond for 6 yrs. I’ve always been entrepreneurial minded even started a fresh herb business in Jamaica.

After living in New York I got inspired again to start my own business. I created Lucky Skivvies when I was unsatisfied with the way my boxer briefs always feel. They weren’t comfortable enough so I decided to make my own. Most of my customers like myself are in the LGBT community and are mostly women with the same issue when wearing men’s boxer briefs.

The extra fabric in the front is unflattering and doesn’t function well for us. Both men and women who have worn my Skivvies love the cut, fit, stylish design, fun patterns etc and they say our boxer briefs are comfortable. After all, they are gender neutral boxer briefs. I want everyone who wear Lucky Skivvies to feel like it was created just for them. That they have a connection with our Skivvies and brand overall. 

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